I take photos of anything I like to look at. I love travelling, dance, the occult, history, derelict buildings and interesting people. I’ve been interested in photography for years but have only recently made the commitment to learn what all the buttons do and start shooting models, and have made it my mission to take a photo at least once a day. In the meantime I’m blogging some of my favourites from my travels over the last few years.

If you’d like me to take your photo, get in touch. I’m particularly keen to hear from:

Performing artists of any kind willing to be photographed backstage getting ready and warming up.
Boxers and martial artists to be photographed before and after fights.
Couples (MF/FF/MM) for art nude / implied nude.
Females, size 8-10 with an interesting look, to model vintage clothes.
Women who wear hijab or niqab for portraits.
Anyone with an interesting job or hobby, or a story to tell.

I’m also available to make tea and hold reflectors for any pro photographers in or visiting the North East.


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