Vinyl Social Instax Project

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I picked up this record from artist Sol Aramendi’s Vinyl Social exhibition, and thought Instax images would work well with the original ethos of her piece, which you can read all about on the link. Check out her photography while you’re there, it’s awesome.

The models are all friends of mine, are all artists of one description or another, and are happy for people to contact them.


Not my usual choice of subject matter but…

…I really like this image. Not least because I managed to achieve this depth of field with a point and shoot. Seriously, be impressed with my epic skills! Because the medium is the message after all. Taken at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, during a very hedonistic trip to Cornwall. The robin was exceptionally tame and posed patiently while I fiddled about with the marco focusing.

Art I can’t take credit for #1: The anti-semitism of crazy people

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I have a friend who works in mental health and managed to obtain this somewhat modified Encyclopaedia from one of his clients. I can’t remember whether he stole it or whether the guy died and left it to him. I think it was the latter.