Celebrity portraits: Warren Speed

Another one from the set of Zombie Women of Satan, here’s writer and actor Warren Speed as alter-ego Pervo the Clown.



Celebrity portraits: Pete Bennett

Most people remember Pete from Big Brother, but I met him when he was up in Newcastle in the summer shooting the sequel to Zombie Women of Satan. Pete’s a lovely guy, really creative and sweet, he’d recently eaten a chilli so hot he ended up in hospital, and a kid mistook him for Russell Brand in Subway in Chester-le-Street. And here he is, in the guise of his character Bertie Dumble.


Preview: On the set of Zombie Women of Satan 2

I’ve always been a fan of trashy genre horror, and have become mates with Warren Speed, the writer and director of Zombie Women of Satan.  As well as being an extra in the sequel, I was also allowed behind the scenes with my camera…

Location shoot with Simon Stephenson

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Model: Simon Stephenson

Location: Simon’s flat

Simon’s a really talented guy with more than a hint of James Dean about him, and some great tattoos. That battered guitar used to belong to Free and is worth a small fortune. I was a bit worried I might spill tea on it, but we figured it had survived much worse over the years.

Perfect shooting conditions…

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…would not involve extremely low light, fast movement, people moshing into you, and sticky spilt beer near your camera… These are from Hed(pe) supported by The Spindle Sect and Convolution at Legends, Newcastle, on Friday. Most of them are the MC from The Spindle Sect, he was so animated I couldn’t take my eyes off him. These were taken on my Fuji Finepix bridge camera as my Canon was spending the weekend with Brian James.


Constructive criticism

My friend Chris knows way more about photography than I do. I ask him for advice all the time then argue with him when he gives it. He thinks this picture I took of Holly fire dancing on New Year was better with more ambient light and the background left in. But I like it like this.

Check out Chris’ work at Grime and Glamour

Acrobalance and parkour


I took this last summer at an event at Dynamix Skate Park. These two did a parkour demo. I didn’t really enjoy the performance as a whole, it was a bit drawn out and arty farty for my liking, but I loved this acrobalance section. I’d just got myself a fish eye lens that week and was guilty of massive over-use of it, so this is one of the few images from the night that isn’t circular.