Cupid’s Needle

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I’ve shot Fenella before in our Day of the Dead shoot, so we decided to up the ante for Valentine’s day with some more complex play piercings with Fenella and her partner Steffka.

Makeup: Sarah McClaren
Models: Fenella and Steffka
Piercings: Kim Hutchinson Skin Seamstress
Location: Skins and Needles


Location shoot with Jai Wall

A fun shoot with two good friends, Jai and makeup by Viki Lloyd. This shoot was the silver lining on an otherwise weird day… Taken around Ouseburn Valley in Byker, Newcastle.

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Street portrait: Hare Krishna

I will, one day, overcome my mortal fear of talking to people and get some decent street portraits. I like this image but I was so nervous about asking to take the picture I didn’t catch his name or anything about him, but I did come away with a leaflet asking me to come along to a vegan banquet.

Picture 012