Portrait: Konnor


Just a casual portrait of a friend. Taken during my 50mm portrait lens honeymoon (which is ongoing).


Vinyl Social Instax Project

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I picked up this record from artist Sol Aramendi’s Vinyl Social exhibition, and thought Instax images would work well with the original ethos of her piece, which you can read all about on the link.┬áCheck out her photography while you’re there, it’s awesome.

The models are all friends of mine, are all artists of one description or another, and are happy for people to contact them.

Portraits in black and white


Dean, against a blue wall that’s ended up looking like one of those soft focus backdrops from school photos, but I like it anyway. In our spare room, a few years ago.


Jonathan, on Tynemouth beach during a weird summer. This was him about five minutes before a crippling migraine kicked in.


Brian, in Burger King, last week.


Chris. He’ll be pleased I used this one rather than the one that looks like he’s rifling through a wheelie bin.