Phone Shots: Street Photography NYC

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I’d forgotten all about these til I was looking through my phone for something else. Nothing too exciting technically but it’s so much easier to get street shots from a phone.


Art I cant take credit for #2: 5Pointz

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5Pointz in Queens is one of the biggest and best collections of street art I’ve ever seen. Sadly that’s because it’s one of the few left, a sanitized reservation in a post-Giuliani New York and a post-Banksy world. 5Pointz is strange bedfellows with MOMA 2, the conceptual modern art pile of what the fuck just over the road. Three guesses which I think is more deserving of a platform…?

Street portrait: Bragging Rights

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So I was hanging around here feeling exceptionally British and uncool, trying to pluck up the courage to approach people for a street portait when this rather friendly bloke noticed me admiring his two pin-sharp hot rods. He told me all about his business and gladly posed for a picture. I set off to do some more portraits with renewed confidence that I wouldn’t get told to F off. Then my battery died. Lessons learned: People are friendlier than I give them credit for. And charge your batteries you fool!