Behind the scenes on the set of Zombie Women of Satan 2

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A few from the set of Zombie Women of Satan 2, where I spent several memorable days this summer! This is the website for the original movie. The producers are still looking for funding if there are any millionaires out there who want to support an indie film!


Street photography: Newcastle on a grey day

I did these a month or two back and never got round to doing anything with them, but they make a nice contrast to yesterday’s post.

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When I grow up I want to be Ed Fox: Studio shoot with Alice

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A friend asked me if I had a foot fetish when he saw these pictures. I don’t, but we both agreed shoe-focus makes for a great picture.

Model: Alice Kitten

Location: Mayfield Studios, Newcastle

Styling by me, hair and makeup by model. Natural light.

Constructive criticism

My friend Chris knows way more about photography than I do. I ask him for advice all the time then argue with him when he gives it. He thinks this picture I took of Holly fire dancing on New Year was better with more ambient light and the background left in. But I like it like this.

Check out Chris’ work at Grime and Glamour