Portrait: Konnor


Just a casual portrait of a friend. Taken during my 50mm portrait lens honeymoon (which is ongoing).


Celebrity portraits: Warren Speed

Another one from the set of Zombie Women of Satan, here’s writer and actor Warren Speed as alter-ego Pervo the Clown.


Celebrity portraits: Pete Bennett

Most people remember Pete from Big Brother, but I met him when he was up in Newcastle in the summer shooting the sequel to Zombie Women of Satan. Pete’s a lovely guy, really creative and sweet, he’d recently eaten a chilli so hot he ended up in hospital, and a kid mistook him for Russell Brand in Subway in Chester-le-Street. And here he is, in the guise of his character Bertie Dumble.


Happy Halloween!

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Celebrating Halloween a bit early with a play piercing session and some Dia de los Muertos makeup. Absolutely love these images.

Model: Fenella

MUA: Lawson Wright

Piercer: Skin Seamstress

Location: Skins and Needles

Behind the scenes on the set of Zombie Women of Satan 2

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A few from the set of Zombie Women of Satan 2, where I spent several memorable days this summer! This is the website for the original movie. The producers are still looking for funding if there are any millionaires out there who want to support an indie film!

Vinyl Social Instax Project

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I picked up this record from artist Sol Aramendi’s Vinyl Social exhibition, and thought Instax images would work well with the original ethos of her piece, which you can read all about on the link. Check out her photography while you’re there, it’s awesome.

The models are all friends of mine, are all artists of one description or another, and are happy for people to contact them.

Street portrait: Bragging Rights

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So I was hanging around here feeling exceptionally British and uncool, trying to pluck up the courage to approach people for a street portait when this rather friendly bloke noticed me admiring his two pin-sharp hot rods. He told me all about his business and gladly posed for a picture. I set off to do some more portraits with renewed confidence that I wouldn’t get told to F off. Then my battery died. Lessons learned: People are friendlier than I give them credit for. And charge your batteries you fool!