Phone Shots: Street Photography NYC

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I’d forgotten all about these til I was looking through my phone for something else. Nothing too exciting technically but it’s so much easier to get street shots from a phone.


Times I wished I was a man

I’d just climbed a mountain and really wanted to get in this waterfall to cool off. Sadly women stripping off in public are frowned upon in Morocco and I didn’t want a long bus journey back to Marrakesh in wet trousers. A couple more from Morocco:

Fishermen in Essaouira, where apparently Jimi Hendrix spent a lot of time in the 60s.

The Jma El Fna is the Piccadilly Circus of Marrakesh. Its name can be translated from Arabic as ‘Assembly of the Dead’ or ‘Mosque at the End of the World’. It’s mainly kebab stalls.

Road rage. The same all over the world.

Portraits in black and white


Dean, against a blue wall that’s ended up looking like one of those soft focus backdrops from school photos, but I like it anyway. In our spare room, a few years ago.


Jonathan, on Tynemouth beach during a weird summer. This was him about five minutes before a crippling migraine kicked in.


Brian, in Burger King, last week.


Chris. He’ll be pleased I used this one rather than the one that looks like he’s rifling through a wheelie bin.